Siskin Swarm

After a wet start we had another great day of ringing at Dermot Doran’s farm in Thomastown. With mist nets and perch traps up, and two successfully whoosh catches, we had a huge catch of 97 birds for our morning’s work!

Extracting from the whoosh net

Extracting from the whoosh net. (Emma Shalvey)


As well as a massive number of Goldfinches, and good numbers of Greenfinches and Redpolls, 6 Sisikins were caught. This proved a rare treat, as Siskins are seldom caught in these numbers by the IMRG.

Siskin male

Male Siskin (Emma Shalvey)

Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll (Emma Shalvey)

Great Tit

Great Tit (Emma Shalvey)

Aging Siskins

Aging Siskins (Emma Shalvey)

Comparing head stripes on Goldfinches

Comparing Head Stripes on Goldfinches (Emma Shalvey)


Here’s hoping for a good summer and a successful breeding season!


-Darren O’Connell



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